Autumn is officially here! As the leaves start to change, I am reminded of how much I love this season. It is difficult to isolate my favorite fall ingredients, but thus far I am particularly fixated on the wide selection of figs that are available. As well suited as they are for sweet applications, I am completely enamored by the flavor of figs in savory dishes. Each year I focus on savory applications with fig and usually it leads to one or more polished menu items focused on the fig. This year we have reworked a classic “shira ae” into a fun and sophisticated dish.
Shira ae is usually made from crushed tofu, sesame, soy and sugar.
Our version is made from a super creamy zaru tofu that is pressed, crushed, and enriched with saikyo miso and usukuchi soy sauce. The saikyo miso is light and naturally sweet. The usukuchi is lighter and color and a bit saltier than “normal” soy sauce. The fig is paired with shiitake and chanterelle mushrooms pickled with Serrano peppers, sanbaizu, and fresh ginger. After all these ingredients are incorporated, they are dusted with roasted and crushed pine nuts.
This dish is our early fall anchor and so far, is setting the tone for what we have been doing in the kitchen. However, the persimmons and matsutake are coming in…

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